Your do-it-yourself building projects are safer and easier when you use SQUARE FOOT® footing forms.
Compare SQUARE FOOT® plastic concrete footing forms to conventional methods.

Square Foot Plastic Concrete Footing Form
  • SQUARE FOOT® is a square plastic footing form to be used with construction tube building forms to build concrete footings.
  • Hundreds of applications from house additions to sheds, decks, fences, and more. See all product applications.
  • Provides significant cost savings of labor, time, and material versus conventional wood framing methods.
  • More resistant to settling, tipping, and uplift in areas subject to freeze/thaw.
  • SQUARE FOOT® meets or exceeds all national building code requirements.

The weekend approaches and you're ready to begin your deck or other outdoor building project. Save time and money by using SQUARE FOOT® in any project that requires footings - decks, sun rooms, tool sheds, light posts, basketball hoops, flagpoles and many more applications. Best of all, your structure will be stronger and safer when you use SQUARE FOOT® footings.

Install SQUARE FOOT® footings in these 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Cut off excess plastic to construction tube size at wedges. Saw tube to desired length.
  2. Attach construction tube to SQUARE FOOT® with a minimum of four, one-inch (2.5cm) screws.
  3. Place SQUARE FOOT® in excavated hole and backfill. Ensure tube remains level/plumbed.